January 20, 2009 By Loren Roosendaal

After several years of development, we have decided to ‘officially’ launch the Logos3D website. Logos3D is a brand-new 3D technology for creating cutting-edge games and interactive simulations. Our technology is developed by an international team of developers, with varied experience in game development, simulations, industrial design and even architecture. Our team is working to achieve one goal: Creating a powerful, “artist-friendly” 3D technology that allows anyone to create games and interactive 3D simulations, without the needless complexity that is seen in many of today’s game technologies.

On this website, you will find regular posts and videos about Logos3D, the projects that we are working on, and posts relating to game-development. At present Logos3D is still in development, although early versions of our technology are already in use by a select group of partners. For more information about Logos3D, be sure to check out the about us page.