About Logos3D

Logos3D is game-development suite that is being developed with one goal in mind: providing artists and programmers with a powerful toolset to build extra-ordinary games and simulations at an incredible pace. The vision for this engine is that tools should be simple, specialised and highly flexible. Instead of flooding users with a thousand features and (often) needless components, Logos allows for cleaner and far more effective, team-based development. Logos3D began as an internal project with the challenge of developing games in a better way, but soon turned into something bigger.

Several innovations of Logos3D were already recognized in 2009 when the original plan behind Logos3D won multiple awards including: New Venture (Netherlands), Venture Cup Syd (Sweden) and the Lund University Entrepreneurship Award. Logos3D has already been used for a number of pilot projects, including: FutureU and Critical Response. Critical Response is a highly realistic simulator for psychological research and fire-arms training and FutureU is a simulator for crime-prevention. The first game based on Logos3D, Johnny Jetstream, is scheduled to be released by the end of 2012. More information about Johnny Jetstream can be found on indieplay.net.

While continuing our work on this state-of-the-art game engine, IC3D Media is already working on numerous projects based on Logos3D. An early version of our software has been licensed to academic partner: the Center for Advanced Media Research Amsterdam, to power what may become one of the most advanced Virtual Reality environments in Europe. More information about this can be found on CAMeRA’s website. If you are interested in using Logos2D/3D or want to learn more about the possibilities, feel free to contact us.