Logos3D to be used in CRISP project
December 7, 2011 By Lennart Roosendaal

We all know that virtual characters are common in videogames, and that the way these virtual characters can interact with us, has become so realistic that it is truly amazing. In much the same way, a virtual coach can fulfil a meaningful role in society, providing actual services to people who are receiving care. We are taking part in the ambitious SELEMCA project that is part of the Creative Industries Scientific Programme (CRISP). The goal of the SELEMCA project is to come up with services and new products that can be used in the health care industry. The virtual coach for care agencies is one of the key concepts which is being explored. A brief description of the use of virtual coaches for health care is given below.

Virtual coaches can act as companions and problemsolvers:  addressing several basic needs and problems of care-receivers and patients, suggesting ideas to you and even responding to you in a realistic and emotional way. In future, virtual coaches will likely play an important role in supporting care-givers and nurses in hospitals and other care institutions.

Our very own Logos3D technology, will be used as the leading technology in the SELEMCA project:  With Logos3D the participating companies from the creative industries in the Selemca project have access to 3D technology that supports virtual worlds and characters, and allows them to come up with innovative software services and products , which can improve society and affect the lives of many people who receive care on a daily basis. For more information about Logos3D, please see our about page.