InterACT at SBIR meeting for simulation and serious gaming
June 27, 2011 By Loren Roosendaal

At present, our team is working on a new project called: InterACT, an open development platform for building highly interactive training simulations. Last Monday, on the 27th of June, we were present at the official matchmaking meeting for the SBIR program: simulation and serious gaming.

InterACT is being developed as a part of this program to help public safety agencies train for crisis scenarios and field activities. InterACT is partly based on our Logos3D technology and will offer groundbreaking innovations for rapidly designing training scenarios with an incredibly easy-to-use world-editor. Thanks to a unique focus on Interactivity, InterACT will also offer end-users the ability to take on different roles with unique abilities in simulations. With these powerful features, InterACT can change the standard for the level of interactivity and realism that people can see in modern simulations. For more information, please have a look at the InterACT brochure.