New Project InterACT for the Dutch government
April 4, 2011 By Loren Roosendaal

Several months ago four ministries of the Dutch government set out an SBIR competition for “simulation and serious gaming”, to encourage companies and entrepreneurs to create innovative virtual training solutions and better equip public safety agencies (national police, fire department and first-aid services). For this program we are working on a new project called InterACT. With InterACT we want to offer a flexible, extensible solution for multi-user and multi-disciplinary training for public safety agencies. InterACT is an open platform for building highly interactive training simulations. Our project was selected from a pool of 88 submissions from different developers in the Netherlands.

InterACT will offer an incredibly user-friendly word-editor, which allows newcomers and non-experts to create a complete training within a short time frame. Because all modules will work with an open standard, public safety agencies will be able to assemble a unique training scenario based on different modules from different developers. InterACT is ideally suited for multi-disciplinary training and allows for a wide variety of roles within simulations, each with their own unique abilities: from police officers to firefighters and military troops to trainers monitoring the flow of the scenario as it unfolds. In order to ensure that this platform lives up to the highest standards, we have partnered with the national police academy and the Center for Advanced Media Research Amsterdam (CAMeRA, VU University). More information on InterACT will be available soon, we have already started research and development on this groundbreaking platform. For more information about the SBIR ‘simulation and gaming’ visit the official website.