Crime prevention & Research project “FutureU” uses Logos3D
January 29, 2011 By Loren Roosendaal

It’s a well-known fact that 3D simulations can help to better prepare safety agencies for crisis situations and for dealing with criminal behavior. But is it also possible to use 3D technology to try to prevent crimes from occurring in the first place? The Centre for Advanced Media Research Amsterdam (CAMeRA) and the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law enforcement (NSCR) joined forces to find an answer to that question. The resulting project called FutureU, is a promising research experiment that is made possible thanks to Logos3D technology.

FutureU will be used by researchers to find a reliable solution for keeping youth delinquents with recurring offences from repeating mistakes by using VR simulations. In this fascinating experiment, participants will be fully immersed into a virtual living room where they can walk around. As they explored the room, they will see a mirror portraying a drastically aged reflection of themselves. Researchers expect that confronting delinquents with their future self, will trigger them to think about the consequences of their actions, and will keep them from falling back into criminal activities. FutureU is a perfect example of a project that shows how 3D simulations and virtual reality can be used in new ways. Logos3D is able to offer users photorealistic graphics and environments, and offers the flexibility and user-friendly interfaces that are important for doing good research. The technology that is used for modern 3D gaming, is suitable for a wide range of scientific research: from fighting a spider phobia to optimizing the selling space of stores. In fact, we’ve already been asked to develop an adapted version of FutureU for researching people’s voting behavior.

To learn more about FutureU, visit CAMeRA website for their description of the project:
To learn more about the NSCR institute, have a look at their website.
To learn more about Logos3D technology, that is powering FutureU, read the about Logos3D page.