“Critical Response” at CAMeRA research day
March 8, 2010 By Loren Roosendaal

On March 19th, part of the Logos3D development team was present at the CAMeRA Research Day at the VU University of Amsterdam. There, we presented a pilot version of Critical Response, a project we developed with the CAMeRA (Center for Advanced Media  Research Amsterdam). Critical Response is a situational simulator for advanced fire-arms training and research. Visitors and researchers were allowed to try the simulator first-hand on a large HD screen. The CAMeRA will be using the Critical Response to measure the emotional impact of violence in games, and researching the psychological effects of crisis situations. Powered by Logos3D, Critical Response showcases the tremendous possibilities of using cutting-edge 3D technology in the field of training and simulation.

The Critical Response pilot features an impressive hotel lobby shoot-out and photo-realistic characters which makes it one of the most immersive fire-arms training simulators to date. But, exceptional graphics are just one part of what makes Critical Response special. Our software allows users to quickly compose a scenario which will proceed in the exact way that the trainer/researcher has planned it. At the same time, Critical Response captures response time data for each of the participants, which is later used for accurately measuring how well someone performed and for measuring how participants respond to different stimuli for research purposes. All in all, the project is a great example of what can be achieved with Logos3D. For information, check out the links below:

                  - For more detailed information about Critical Response, have a look at our brochure.
- Read a newspaper article about the CAMeRA Research Day, featuring Critical Response.


  • Tristan Buday

    Hello can I quote some of the material from this post if I reference you with a link back to your site?

  • Loren Roosendaal

    Ofcourse, no problem Tristan.