Logos3D award winner at New Venture (Netherlands)
June 26, 2009 By Lennart Roosendaal

Every year New Venture (the largest business plan competition in the Netherlands) is faced with the daunting task of choosing from over 100 business plans to find out which start-ups have offer the most promising products in the Netherlands: From luxurious folding chairs to a new type of fire-extinguishers and from software for computer theft protection to… 3D technology! On June 25th, Logos3D was ranked amongst the top 5 new products in the Netherlands of 2009 by New Venture, based on our technology and business plan.

After being nominated, we were allowed to present Logos3D and illustrate the vast potential user-base for 3D technology, and the tremendous cost-benefits of using our technology. The New Venture jury, consisting of repeat-entrepreneurs, consultants and investors, selected Logos3D for being a “thought through” and “well-developed plan for a huge market opportunity”. At the award-ceremony, Loren also gave a presentation about the impact that Logos3D can have on the production process of games, and the potential of delivering games quickly via the internet. With great entries and fierce competition, we are incredibly honored to be amongst the winners of New Venture this year. For more information about New Venture, have a look at their website.