Logos3D @ E-Day 2009 in Lund, Sweden
May 30, 2009 By Loren Roosendaal

These past few weeks we have been working on our first technology demonstration. The Demo is one and was officially presented at the “E-day 2009” at Lund University in Sweden.
During the E-day, visitors could get a glimpse of new ventures and business ideas that were the result of the Entrepreneurship Programme 2008-2009 at Lund University. As part of this demonstration we wanted to show off some of the most compelling features of Logos3D. To do this we set out to achieve two goals: we wanted to create a lush natural environment, that was entirely created with our procedural tools and we wanted this demo to be readily accessible in the web-browser. After working for a month on our new tool chain, and creating the content, we completed our highly-detailed “Island Demo”. We’ve added screenshots of the demo below, and a video will likely be made available shortly. The Island Demo was created entirely based on our Logos Blocks technology. Logos Blocks are our procedural tools which allow artists to rapidly create extremely detailed textures, trees, and rocks, which are hundreds and often thousands of times smaller than standard content.

Thanks to Logos Blocks all the data for this demo (the entire island, vegetation, and the audio-track) was so small that it could be stored on one old-fashioned floppy disk: 1.44 MB.
It means that you can load the demo in less than 3 seconds on a descent internet connection. This demo has been an important milestone for us, and we look forward to working on other technologies to push the limit for what can be done with Logos3D.