Logos3D prize-winner at Swedish Venture Cup
April 29, 2009 By Lennart Roosendaal

While programming for Logos3D is currently being done in the UK and the Netherlands, in the past few months a full-fledged business plan has been written in Sweden. The Entrepreneurship programme at Lund University is a renowned programme in Sweden, which is all about training people to seize opportunities and find new markets. In the past few months our team has been working out a business plan, and we’ve taken the time to define our goals, vision and what place Logos3D could take in the larger scale of game-development and for building simulations. We also entered into a contest called Venture Cup, which selects the most promising new ventures in Sweden.

We were excited to find that we were amongst the nominees of this year’s competition. As a result, a part of our team had the chance to fly to Sweden, enjoy its vast open landscapes, and present our plan in front of a large jury. The jury was incredibly positive about Logos3D, the innovations and the wide-spread application of our software in the market: as a result, we were one of the winners of Venture Cup (Southern Region, Sweden) of 2009 and were also able to take part in all sorts of consultancy seminars at no charge, thanks to this competition. We are really happy with this achievement, and are now focusing on our next goal: preparing our first technology demonstration for May 2009. For more information about the Swedish Venture Cup, follow the link below.